Christmas in May

     “Christmas isn’t a season. It’s a feeling.”  ―Edna Ferber

So is there a husband out there who is actually good at gift giving?  I have a cute, little feel-good story for you. This happened all the way back at Christmas.  But with our current weather lately, it feels like we should be putting a tree up so this story keeps popping into my head.  
I got a voicemail on my home phone.  I check that thing approximately 2 to 3 times a year but for some reason I checked the messages and had one from a friends husband.  He just asked to call him back sometime.  I gave him a call expecting he was after welding prices since my husband and I also own a welding shop.  
Side note: we live in a small community so we get phone calls on our home phone all the time for the welding business.  That’s the thing about small towns, people will get ahold of you one way or another.  If they can’t get you to answer a phone call, there’s a good chance they will just drive to your house.  
So during our phone conversation he told me about how he has tried for 10 + years to get his wife good gifts but always fails.  I’m giggling in my mind because most guys fall short in this area but have no idea.  At least he’s admitting it.  Admitting you have a problem is the first step...right?  Anyways, he wanted to get her something from Prairie Grace and not a gift card actual items that he had a hand in picking out.  
At this point I’m thinking “oh man, the pressure is on , not only does he expect my help with sizing but also with items to match her style.”  I called on a mutual friend for help.  With a few emails, and his input more than I would have guessed, he settled on the items to get her.  Did I mention he used an email that he knows she never checks and we sent the items in a non Prairie Grace bag.  PLUS, he was on the ball enough everything was delivered well before Christmas Eve.  Anyone else have a Christmas Eve shopping husband?  Bless my husbands heart, but when you live in a tiny town the shopping is pretty limited.  
So not only does Prairie Grace have some amazing ladies as part of our tribe but for reals some amazing men who love and support them.  This husband gets mad props in my book!  
Have a great night tribe!

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