"Go Shawty It's Your Birthday"


"Go shawty it's yo birthday, we gon' party like it's your birthday."  

Ok, so it's not my birthday it's actually Lacey's birthday and who are we kidding we don't party.  We do drink an occasional white claw and eat brownies that are made out of dates.  That's about the extent of our wild nights.  I think she's one year closer to not remembering what age she is too.  I seriously struggle with that! Never did I imagine as a kid, that this could ever be possible.  

Lacey recently sent me a mug that had a saying on it about being the mom with a coffee iv, living in yoga pants, vacationing at target, and still bumps to 90s rap. I thought that saying is fairly accurate so a 90s rap song was appropriate for a title to this blog. As much as we love cute clothes, a good pair of yoga pants that are so stretched out they are practically see through is a must in any closet, oh and if they have paint splatters on them that's even better.  We all know that a kid free hour in Target is practically the same as a beach vacation.  Ok, so maybe not but there's something blissful about wandering aimlessly through that store.  

So as Lacey gets older and her jams stay the same age I just wanted to give a shoutout to my partner in crime.  Somedays I think I'm crazy for taking on this venture, but then I remember Lacey is just as crazy because she hasn't ran for the hills yet.  It somehow makes me feel ok, knowing I'm not on this crazy train alone. I mean who else would put up with my panick attacks over sales tax, my crabby side during inventory management and freeze her tush off more times than we can count to get "shots."  

So thankful for this crazy friendship that's led us on this wild adventure.  Cheers to another roller coaster year (it's inevitible.)  So enjoy that half of a white claw tonight and I hope this year is the best one yet pretty lady!!!  


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  • funny! happy happy Borthday Lacey! have a great day! age is just a number. celebrate!


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