Lent Grace Boxes


What does lent mean for you? Growing up we always gave something up; chocolate, pop, candy bars, something along those lines. This was something that was always tough but we looked forward to it every year and were proud of ourselves for carrying through for the WHOLE forty days. Forty days as a child is a long time! I love that this was a part of my childhood though and am thankful for the discipline it taught me.  

Now as an adult I’m constantly struggling with what to do each lent to get that re-start my soul desperately needs. This year we are making a commitment right along with you all. Our grace boxes will be super special as we are starting a book club to go along with the box.  We will have an amazing lady leading the group who is a true inspiration. 


Amy Binstock will lead the book club in a private facebook group exclusive to our grace box girls. Amy has struggled much of her life knowing her health wasn’t up to par but not knowing why. She has had many scares in her adult life between spells of dizziness, black out instances, days she could hardly stand up, and long stretches where she couldn’t even take care of her babies. She’s a mother to three with another one on the way. She’s had many dark days but throughout it all has kept her faith. She has pushed legislation to acknowledge autonomic disorders and has been an advocate to many who have been diagnosed with POTS and similar diseases.  The quote - “If God brings you to it, he’ll bring you through it” comes to mind when I think of her journey over the last ten years. She has managed to be an inspiration and encourager to many through the toughest times. I can’t wait for you all to get to know her a bit through this exclusive Facebook book-club group. 


All though I grew up Catholic, many denominations recognize the importance of lent.  It represents the time in Jesus' life that brings us all together and makes us christians.   During this time of reflection and devotion I hope you will join us no matter what your denomination is.


Make sure and pre-order your box on our website right away, as we are offering a very limited amount of boxes.


Here’s to a great lenten season!



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