Market Madness!


     Going to an industry conference and market for the first time with a 3 month old baby, what could possibly go wrong?  Whenever Lacey and I go anywhere, it’s always an adventure to put it lightly.  I think we’ve come to expect that this is our normal, ha.  From flight delays, to banned stroller rules, to way too spicy Chinese food, to forgotten passes, to an abundance of quarters, to the maintenance guy buying our water, and on to more flight delays let’s just say the 5 days we were gone (supposed to be 4) was far from boring, but despite all the craziness we made some amazing contacts and learned some valuable lessons. I’ll fill you in on some tidbits from our trip. 

     Flying seemed like a much better idea than driving with a 3-month-old, right?  I mean we can chance an hour and a half flight with a baby versus a 10-hour drive. Our flight out of Dickinson started off with a delay because they couldn’t find a flight crew, just kidding we found a flight crew now your flight leaves, like now. So, we hustled and made it to our flight and get to Denver just a tad bit late.  Managed to Uber our way around Denver with a baby, stroller, car seat and all our luggage.  These country girls kind of felt like they had conquered the world. 

     And then the return flight home on Saturday night started off with a surprise- a delay again and another “just kidding your flight’s on time.”  We made it to Dickinson in normal time, but our pilot kept circling the landing strip and not landing. I like to say that flying doesn’t bother me but after going down to land and then back up for the 3rd time I was over it and ready to land in a field and walk home. The flight crew was less than calming as they didn’t announce anything until we were on our way to Williston, ND.  Yay we are now 5 hours from home vs. 2, but hey we were on the ground.  After waiting another hour on the tarmac, they finally let us get off and load us up in a party bus (yep a full on party bus- cheetah seats and the whole works) to get to our motel that they had arranged.  There were some amazing strangers that jumped in and helped out; loading the stroller, seat, and all of our very, very full goodie filled luggage so I could hold Haizlee on her first party bus ride, haha.  Thankfully Haizlee slept through most of the chaos. 

     We got to our room at 2 am and crashed!  We got up the next morning to wait around for the glorious party bus and head back to the airport where they had us wait around trying to get everything figured out for an unplanned trip back to Dickinson.  In the meantime, we try and get through security and they decide Haizlee isn’t in their system since she’s an infant in my lap.  Oh my, it’s noon now, and we are super hangry!  Finally, they decide they will figure it out later and let us board our plane and head back to Dickinson.  So close to home and yep, that’s when my baby has her second blow out in her whole life.  Lacey was such a trooper helping me get her changed.  How many business partners do you know throw away insanely poopy diapers and wipes?  It’s laughable now but she may have given me one seriously dirty look.  After a pretty short flight, we are HOME!    

     Nothing like a little adventure to make you appreciate your little slice of the world.  So, besides our flying craziness, we had a couple other laughable moments.  Lacey put in a $20 bill into a vending machine to get a water at the airport and got $18 worth of quarters. Sounded like she won the lottery! 

     Did I mention that on the first day of market Lacey left her pass at the motel? It’s inevitable if you tell someone not to forget something they will, it’s bad juju to even say that. 

     Not sure this moment was laughable but after the first day we weren’t allowed to use our stroller, thank goodness Lacey convinced me to grab my pack for Haizlee as I was contemplating leaving it home from the trip.  Toting her all over this insanely large building and all her stuff plus our cash and carry items was less than desirable.  Our backs may never be the same, but we survived.  We found some awesome cash n carry items and made contacts with some amazing brands. 


     We did get a chance to try a couple amazing restaurants out though.  One was a grown-up style food court with the most amazing rotisserie food and margherita pizza called Avanti. Oh, and spiked hot cocoa!  We also tried a small hole in the wall type place where we tried trout and lamb called Duo Restaurant. So amazing! Plus, we splurged and had a crazy amazing pumpkin butter dessert. Not sure what exactly was in it, but it was beautiful!  Our food during the trip was all great until the very end when Lacey ran to get us Chinese in the airport and for some crazy reason, it was the spiciest food I’ve ever eaten.  Even the plain rice made our lips burn. Lacey literally was crying. We threw it in the trash and got a bagel- thanks Starbucks! We were over it at this point and this all a precursor to our terrible flight home. 


     Well if you ever get bored tag along with Lacey and I, we never have dull moments.  Somehow, we embrace the chaos though and appreciate this ride that we are on even if we can barely keep our eyes open.  Stay tuned for all the fun items getting released that we found at market! There’s some crazy fun stuff happening in 2019! 




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