To The Beautiful Girl That's Grieving

Sometimes sisters, you just have to put your money where your mouth is.

I recently asked ladies to write letters to be included in our upcoming Grace Box. We all have a story to tell and I recently heard this idea that sharing our story isn't just for ourselves but a Christian duty that He asks us to do to help others. This was a new perspective for me and a bit of a slap in the face if you will.

Sharing our stories is proven time and time again to be significant in the healing process. We overlook how our stories may impact others and be the timely light that they need. God uses us to help others in many different ways, sometimes sharing these tough moments with others may be Him using our voices to communicate to a specific individual.

Life can be downright tough at times; whether you've suffered miscarriage(s), battled mental/physical illness, suffered the loss of a special person, been diagnosed with a disease, the list goes on and on but no story is too big or too little to make a great impact. You truly never know what may be the exact message someone needs to hear.

These letters can be addressed to anyone that you feel needs to hear your message. If your heart is inclined to share your story as mine was, then please private message us for more details.

Below is my letter, that I chose to address to the girl that's grieving. Going through grief in my early 20s, I really appreciated others sharing their stories

To the beautiful girl that’s grieving,

The hardest breath you ever take is the very one that means you are here & the person you can’t imagine life without is not. You have to now go on putting one foot in front of the other. As much as you want the world to stop spinning, a pause button for just one more minute, that’s not possible so you are forced with no other option than moving on. That single breath has changed everything. You are now on the side of “moving on”.

The hardest “breath” for me was the moment my Mom called to tell me my sisters were in a car accident and that one of my sisters was gone.

There’s the shock, the crazy, the chaos, the loss, the confusion, the anger, more anger & then the moving on part. Moving on...right! My life is forever altered & the world expects me to just “move on.” This is so much easier said than done, you all know this. If you’ve been through grief at all, you know the moving on part that’s expected of you isn’t some milestone you hit and then suddenly you’ve moved on.

People say the craziest things to grieving people. One of my guy friends at the time told me, “it will get better, just give it time.” Pretty sure I gave him the most pained expression ever & my inner voice was saying, “thanks for lying to me to try and make me feel better.” Time does not heal all things. Some things just don’t heal. A broken glass can be meticulously glued back together but it’s still got cracks and the possibility of shattering at any moment. Maybe, we just need to learn to be ok with being broken. If you look around, there’s plenty of other glasses barely holding together. There’s so many times the bible tells us to come to God. Broken or not, he still wants us. There’s so many ways to reach out to God in our despair. This may mean prayer, or reaching out to someone who can relate, or it may even mean finding the support group or counselor you need. God is willing to come to us, but sometimes we have to put the first step forward even if it’s a terrifying shaky step.

And, maybe through the grief you can find a crazy sense of thankfulness. Oh how time was cut short & the unfairness of the situation is surreal but when you can turn to God and say thank you. Thank you for the days although they were numbered, thank you for every single moment because without those days and moments I would not be “me.” There’s a deep place of peace when you can turn that grief into gratitude. Not saying this is easy in any way. You may be broken into a thousand pieces but oh my those memories were worth it & being thankful for them is OK. Being grateful for someone’s life does not mean you are forgetting, moving on does not mean you are forgetting, being happy does not mean you are forgetting.

So beautiful, brave girl it’s ok to be broken, it’s ok to be damaged, but it’s also ok to be comforted. Seeking empathy does not make you weak, it may make you vulnerable but in that vulnerability can come great healing.

“Blessed are those who mourn, for they will be comforted.” Mathew 5:4

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