Some Of My Favorite Roads Are The Bumpiest Ones


Running an online company is crazy tough with all the technology and the competition is insane, but very rewarding all the same.  Lacey & I created our website a year and a half ago and have been stumbling and learning as we go.  Recently our site's domain was taken over by spam, which let's be honest we didn't even know was possible.  What we also didn't know is that when this happens, all social media platforms mark your domain as spam making it impossible to post our link to our site or any products anywhere.  So right now our Facebook page/group are looking pretty slim and our Instagram won't allow links to any of our products.  In the great scheme of things, we realize this is pretty minor, but a bump in the road none-the-less.  We will keep trying to get this resolved though and keep you informed as we go.  Some of my favorite roads are the bumpiest ones so here's to keep chugging along and embracing those bumps!  


Am I the only nerd that jots notes down in the middle of the night?  My Mom brain is pretty tired so it doesn't happen as much as it used to, but every once in a while thoughts just pop in my head and I'm moved to write them down.  I've been a song lyric/quote junkie as long as I can remember, so it's not really new but doesn't make me less weird.  I think the older you get the more you embrace your weirdness.  Anyways, where I'm going is I jotted this down the other night and well today I need this as much as anyone.  We also just released our newest addition to our graphic tee line and it's pretty dang fitting as well.  Need a little extra of Grace & Grit today!  


What if I'm scared......What if you are BRAVE?

What if I fall.......What if you FLY?

What if I can't do it..........What if you DON'T GIVE UP?

What if I fail..........What if you SUCCEED?










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