Time to reflect, time to re-connect, time to put yourself first; it's almost time! Lent is just around the corner & it's time to give yourself a bit of self love & self discipline.  

Every Christian needs to take time to really hone in on their faith and put life into perspective. This is a season where you make a commitment to yourself and God to strengthen your relationship. And there is no better time than the season before Easter.

Lent is a journey for every Christian to embark on. No matter your denomination, Easter is the most significant event in Christian history. These 40 days before Easter is meant for us to reflect and prepare for this significant event.  

How you prepare for Easter is different for each and every person. The Lent Box was put together with all Christians in mind. It is a way for you to start your journey and celebrate your Faith or to give as a gift to someone that may be yearning for just a bit more! We truly hope these are as helpful to your souls as they are to ours when putting them together.  


Have a blessed lenten season tribe & always "walk in love!"


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