Hope Box

Hope Box

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Life can be downright tough at times; whether you've suffered miscarriage(s), battled mental/physical illness, suffered the loss of a special person, been diagnosed with a disease, the list goes on and on but no story is too big or too little to make a great impact. You truly never know what may be the exact message someone needs to hear.

In this Grace Box edition, you will not only find a box full of unique surprise items we’ve hand chosen here at Prairie Grace, a special grace filled book, but also an amazing collections of letters from fearless women who have turned or been led to God in their time of struggle. These letters are deep, raw, and downright inspiring. We all have mountains to climb, often times not seen, and sometimes we are given those mountains as the story to tell to become a page in someone else's survival guide. Through each brave letter read, we hope whether you are gifting this to yourself or someone else, you will find your own healing with a path full of faith knowing you are never alone. And despite it all hope is never cancelled. 


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